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what if Sam and Ruby switched powers… Sam still has demon blood in him but now Ruby has his powers and Ruby is still a demon but now Sam can do everything Ruby used to do it turns out that transference is also one of the 66 seals and also Lilth’s plan to trap Sam in a Devils trap


what if Sam was taken and raised by a savage woman who lived in a cave Dean goes to Blackwater Ridge to kill a Wendigo but also finds Sam… turns out he was the one responsible for the campers missing food and clothes

Sam was taken when he was old enough not to need formula or any type of baby food (seriously, what savage knows about formula… Sam would have died long ago) but young enough not to talk yet

the savage woman has died when Sam was young… Dean teaches him how to read, write, bath and other stuff

Dean gives Sam Valium in order to him to behave in public


what if Sam was born with CIPA (the inability to feel pain, hot, or cold) but he had never been diagnosed with it ‘cuz he has been so good a faking pain (years of practice)

there are signs ‘cuz there are some things you can’t fake (well you can but…) like the fact that he doesn’t shiver when it’s cold or sweat when it’s hot

‘cuz he can’t sweat he get sick a lot


what if baby Sam was taken the night Mary died and was raised by demons so he believes he is one but he’s only half demon so only holy water works but not devils traps

the night Jessica died the fire was caused by Sam (he can’t control his fire power) but Jessica was dead already but he thinks he killed her

Dean came to investigate Jessica’s death and meets a mute (he wasn’t mute until Jessica died) and very depressed Sam living in an abandoned house Dean want to squat in (Dean ran out of money for hotels)

Dean tries to teach Sam how to control his power and eventually they find out they’re brothers
what if when Lenore’s guys took Sam in Bloodlust he had already been bitten by a poisonous snake while he was getting a soda so he was already unconscious… Lenore knew something was wrong when Sam wouldn’t wake up and his skin was clammy… she sucked the poison out but unknown to her vampire blood got in the wound

while Lenore was explaining that the vampires have only been drinking animal blood and not killing humans Sam’s human side was dying but Lenore thinks he’s recovering from almost dying

since Sam was already part demon since has was 6 months and now as a vampire with dead man’s blood in him made him weak (he tires easily and he’s asthmatic now) which he tries to hide from Dean especially when Gordon is around


what if after John died in In My Time of Dying Dean got possessed and turned abusive toward Sam

Sam was in the coma instead of Dean and Dean blames Sam for John’s death and ‘cuz John sold his soul and the colt for him (John never knew of the demons plans for Sam)

Sam has a permanent limp (Dean broke his leg with a crowbar when Sam went to talk to him in Everybody Loves a Clown) and asthma so Dean takes him to smoking bars making his asthma worse… he also is claustrophobic and Dean locks him in any enclosed space he can find

Bobby finds them and exercises the demon outta Dean but Sam is still a bit scared of Dean even thought he knows Dean was possessed now but can’t help being afraid
what if Sam and Dean each had identical twins but Dean and his twin (Damon) grew up without their younger brothers after John was convinced that the babies were destined for evil so he left them

Dean and Damon never gave up hope the Sam and Shawn were still alive but since Damien never wanted the life of a hunter he decided to get a job at Sandover Company where he meets a guy named Shawn Wesson who works in tech support

Sam was adopted by the Smith family

both Sam and Shawn has health issues due to smoke inhalation as babies


what if after Zachariah gave Sam his lungs back they were damaged and infested with germs but being angry with him Dean never noticed Sam’s wheezing or that he was getting sick

Sam ends up in the hospital when his fever kept getting higher

when Jo is pouring salt down Sam’s throat Dean is trying to tell her that Sam is asthmatic now and what she’s doing can suffocate him if he has an attack but she doesn’t believe him


what if Zachariah cured Dean but never gave Sam his lungs back in Sympathy For the Devil and he almost died but Dean got him to the hospital on time

his new lungs are made of metal so it tends to malfunction but doctors are working to fix that but it would still cause pain and shortness of breath around medal detectors


what if doing the fire that killed Mary Dean dropped Sam and got knocked out… John got Sam out but thinking Dean was dead he left him… the smoke from the fire damaged both baby Sam’s and young Dean lungs and now they have asthma

Sam’s been to lots of doctors but they all said he might never walk but a month or so before he started Dean’s school he moved up to leg braces (he has limited feeling and mobility in his legs) and wears baggy jeans to hide them so no one would know

Dean got adopted by nice parents who love him and are oblivious to the fact that their oldest son who never wanted a younger brother picks on him daily (at home and school) by smoking around him or wearing loud cologne knowing it’ll cause his asthma to attack him

Sam and Dean meet at school and become friends… at some point Dean’s inhaler gets stolen by the jerk of an older brother

John somehow finds out Dean is his son to Sam’s surprise (John never told him he had a brother)